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Meet The Team

CutiePETootie: Unique, Custom and Affordable Gifts and Home Decor for Discriminating Pet Lovers


Jodi Cohen


Welcome to CutiePETootie...I am the proud owner of this shop. I aim to be your one-stop-shop for unique and handmade, exclusively pet-themed gifts and home decor that appeal to your gift-giving mojo and your wallet!

Pepper Cohen


Chief Inspiration Officer

Woof! My name is Pepper, and my mama rescued me almost 4 years ago. I am loyal, goofy and everyone tells me I'm really photogenic, but most of all I am a love bug and mama's inspiration for CutiePEtootie.



The Big Meowski

Hey. My name is Pooky, and I rule the roost. I was rescued over 10 years ago, and even thought I am an old man, I am full of love. I also inspired mama to create CutiePEtootie (yes, I secretly love my sister...don't tell her).

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